Campsite on Puy en Velay

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Visit the Puy-en-Velay

From our camping in Haute-Loire to visit Puy-en-Velay, you will have to travel 15 km.

Discover the old town ! Walk in its small streets where each house keeps the trace of the Renaissance period. You will be astonished, charmed and transported. There is always a architectural surprise, a typical point of view that you will want to point out or photograph.

Like the pilgrims of the past and today you will go up towards the cathedral, the Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe rock and the statue of Notre-Dame de France.

Stroll through one of the the most beautiful markets in France. You will find excellent local products, you will see how good the charcuteries, cheeses, vegetables from producers… are.

At night, in season, marvel at the spectacles of the Puy de Lumières ! The town has chosen 7 of its emblematic buildings to colour them and make them come alive and vibrate. The projections started in 2017 are improved every year. Insured magic !

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Monuments not to be missed Puy en Velay

For us the rock Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe is the first of the must-see monuments. At the top of the rock, in the very old chapel, you will experience the emotion that the monks who built it already felt in the year 961. Each time we have a impression of peace and serenity in this extraordinary place. You will have to climb some 268 steps and climb 82 meters… but, we are sure you will love this experience!

As in New York, you will be able to climb a statue, it’s a experience not to be missed ! Indeed Notre-Dame de France and its 22 meters high is hollow. It is arranged to offer you high viewpoints.

Elected “2nd favourite monument of the French” in 2015 the cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation will make you live the experience of having arrived closer to the heavens after the rough and paved ascent from the city centre.

This cathedral has been enlarged over the years and is now standing on stilts on its way to the city. It is the official start of the Saint James’ Way to Santiago de Compostela classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Crozatier museum is a great pleasure for us. Every time we send holidaymakers there, they come back delighted. They love its eclectic side and the modernity of its presentations. A place where you can learn, touch, experiment…

In September, come and immerse yourself in the Renaissance with the festival of the Bird King. The town closes to motor traffic and opens up to a lively reconstruction of ordinary and festive life in the 15th century.

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Gastronomic specialities of the Puy-en-Velay

Verbena is a emblematic speciality that you can use in all its forms: alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, pastries, ice cream… The gastronomic specialities are from Auvergne.

Many dishes made by the exceptional local producers are combined with the green lentil from the Puy. It was the first vegetable to obtain an AOC. It is a lentil with nutritional virtues approved by sportsmen and dieticians. Here, some people call it green caviar!

Discover the surroundings of the Puy en Velay