Visit the Haute-Loire

castle rochelambert

What to see and do in the Haute-Loire?

300 volcanoes are listed in the south of Auvergne in Haute-Loire. Come and take a walk there and enjoy what there is to see and do.

Just next to the camping Auvergne, there is the superb camping Canopy in the forest with impressive zip lines. In the commune of Saint-Paulien you will find a go-kart, a paintball and an aquatic centre.

We have spotted walks around the campsite, we will lend you maps and give you all the explanations to enjoy them. We also have hiking guides to lend.

The castle of the Rochelambert has been leaning against its basalt cliff since the 11th century. A 10 minute walk from the entrance to the campsite, its visit will enchant you with its museum pieces and the beauty of its construction.

lavoute polignac
mont mézenc
potence and mont bar allègre
lac from bouchet

Castles in Haute-Loire

Between the campsite and The Puy-en-Velay, the fortress of Saint-Vidal offers to tell you stories of the great History of France. Along your wandering visit, you will have at least one surprise per room! A great show with costumed actors, animations playing the latest technologies…

One or two evenings a week, in high season a show with 200 extras will make you relive a historical attack on the castle. Discounts for the users of the campsite will be offered.

Also at 10 km from the campsite the fortress of Polignac proposes you to discover the Middle Ages. Built on a rocky promontory, protected by cliffs, it has often fought against invaders. We love its aspect of an isolated and fortified island out of modern times.

Your children will love to explore and play the treasure hunt organised by the tourist office.

Mundane notebook : it is a Polignac who, by marrying a Grimaldi, will have a son who will be Prince Rainier, father of Prince Albert, current sovereign of the Principality of Monaco.

Near the campsite visit Allègre and his gallows. This is a unique stone frame for your panoramic photos of the Velay plateau and its volcanoes in Auvergne. Just opposite the village, the Mont Bar and its walk around the crater shows a peat bog and its precious flora. The easy hike of about 2 hours is punctuated with guessing boards for children.
There are still many places with castles to visit.

forteresse from polignac
the chaise dieu

Other visits in Haute-Loire

We love the lake from Bouchet ! A perfect round surrounded by dense greenery. It is the perfect illustration of what a volcano lake is. Take your swimming costume, you can swim in it.

On the way there, a stop at the Beaume waterfall is a must. Its elegant grey water curtain can be discovered after a short 20-minute walk.

is famous for its music festival. All year round, guided tours take you to discover a place full of faith and stories that go back more than 1000 years. A pope is buried there, a fresco of macabre dance, 15th century tapestries, a cloister will be revealed to you.

The Gorges of the Allier are truly beautiful and wild. We advise you to go down them by canoe or rafting. The gorges of the jeune Loire offer beautiful landscapes and some river swimming beaches.

A little further on, the Mont Mézenc (pronounced [mézin]) separates the Haute-Loire from the Ardèche. At 45 minutes from the campsite you can play summer tobogganing at Lugik parc or encounter a mountain landscape with an incredible view that stretches all the way to the Alps. Beautiful walks can be made on and around this peak.

Discover the surroundings of the Haute-Loire